Is Apple Watch relevant to boating?

By: Kevin Green

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Is the Apple Watch relevant for boating and fishing?

Is Apple Watch relevant to boating?
Apple Watch hasn't had the most favourable reviews, but with more boating apps from the likes of Pocket Mariner, it may become a useful addition for sailors mariners.

Rumour has it that Apple decided to make its new wristwatch as it saw technology "moving onto the body", before actually deciding what the new gadget might be used for.

The first major new product since guru Steve Jobs’ death, the $600 wristwatch is being worn by all sorts of people I’ve come across, including a boating journalist colleague of mine.

"Not really sure why I bought it, but it looks cool," he said when questioned. The only problem is that he can’t read the screen because his middle-aged eyes aren’t up to it, so spectacles are required on every usage.

Also, the Apple Watch is not fully waterproof – it is rated IPX7 to be precise (able to withstand immersion in one metre of water for 30 minutes), so it may survive a short dunk – and according to The Verge, GPS is slow.


Apple Watch boating apps

It’s early days yet for the Apple Watch but eventually it may be useful for us salty dogs, in instances such as falling overboard at sea – as my sailing heroine, the late Florence Arthaud did – and of course navigation.

Marine and boating apps are available from Pocket Mariner and other phone extension apps will appear from many more.


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