Video: Fishing mac tuna from Taylors Beach, Qld

The crew head to Taylors Beach in Far North Queensland to catch mac tuna off the Great Barrier Reef.

How do you catch mac tuna? In this video Jack Murphy and the crew head off to Taylors Beach in Far North Queensland. They had grand plans to reach the Great Barrier Reef but after launching they get distracted by a large school of mac tuna feeding near the surface (and a flurry of bird activity).

Fishing for mac tuna turned out to be almost too easy. With the Stabicraft 1650 Fisher fishing boat positioned upwind of the tuna school, the lures are cast straight into the middle of the school, and then cranked back as quickly as possible. The mac tuna are so engrossed in a feeding frenzy on small bait fish that the lines get stretched within seconds of casting. To give the fish a fighting chance at least, 10lb line was used.

Jack goes on to explain how to identify mac tuna and then points out how mac tuna aren’t very good eating fish, so the mac tuna gets released.


Planning to travel to Taylors Beach in Queensland? You can book accommodation at the Taylors Beach Holiday Park.


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