Video: Destination Millaa Millaa, Tropical North Queensland

The Jack’s Lap crew drop by Millaa Millaa in Far North Queensland where they’re treated to a fishing yarn or three.

The town of Millaa Millaa (population: 295), in Tropical North Queensland is where you’ll find the Millaa Millaa hotel.

Jack Murphy visited the town for the Jack’s Lap trip around Australia. Naturally, this brought them to the Millaa Millaa hotel where they met publican Terry Osborne.

Originally from Broken Hill, Terry moved to Queensland in 1969. 45 years later he’s still here. A talented fisherman, Terry comes across as the epitome of the friendly barman at a country pub. He’s also a natural story teller who spins a fascinating fishing yarn.

Milla Milla is just 60km west of Innisfail. If you get the chance to visit, make sure you ask Terry about the time he caught a 98lb mackerel (gutted) on 20lb line. "I think I held the ANSA record for about 24 hours until someone caught one on lighter gear. So my record was very short-lived," he laughs.

Watch the video for more fishing yarns. Listening to Terry, you can’t help but feel that fishing back in the day was an honest pursuit and a sport that was so much simpler and straightforward.


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