Strikezone - Tuna Time 2

The latest Strikezone DVD is more than just a fishing DVD

Strikezone - Tuna Time 2
Strikezone – Tuna Time 2

Tuna Time 2 – Search For A Jumbo is the latest release in the Strikezone series of fishing DVDs.

The action starts thick and fast when the Strikezone boys encounter enormous schools of yellowfin tuna off the NSW coast. Between double and triple hook ups they somehow manage to capture amazing underwater Strikecam footage of the feeding tuna.

The team then travels to the bottom end of Tasmania to find the elusive jumbo tuna. Braving the rugged Southern Ocean, they beat all the odds and land a massive southern bluefin tuna. It’s an exciting battle full of suspense as the weather closes in and seals try to attack the tuna – all in a six metre trailerboat.

Finally, the team comes face to face with great white sharks circling the boat and even breaching.

Strikezone – Tuna Time 2 is more like a highly entertaining documentary than a fishing DVD. It is packed with information on how to improve your fishing and features some spectacular scenery and underwater footage. Visit or visit your local tackle store for more information.


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