PRODUCTS - Southern Tackle Chillbags

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These clever killbags will keep a catch fresh for days while freeing up space on deck

PRODUCTS - Southern Tackle Chillbags
Southern Tackle Killbags

Fishermen go to great lengths to catch gamefish, yet too often their precious catches are not exactly in top condition by the time they get to shore. Coolers can take up valuable space on deck, and then there’s the problem of persistent smells.

Southern Tackle Chillbags (or "Killbags" as they are known in the US where they are made) are durable, insulated, and highly portable bags designed primarily to preserve large pelagic gamefish. The company says these bags are "made by fishermen for fishermen" and if the response following their exhibition at the recent Melbourne Fishing & Outdoors Expo is anything to go by, then these bags may well be one of the hot items for the summer.

Southern Tackle Chillbags are lined with thick insulation that the company claims will hold ice for an incredible 48 hours. They are also lined with half an inch of dense closed foam that amongst other things prevents fish from being bruised, keeping them in pristine condition for longer. The bags are flat-bottomed, allowing to them stand upright, yet they’ll fold away for easy storage on deck.

The bags are also UV and mildew resistant, and the company claims they will not retain fish odours. They have heavy-duty zips, drainage spouts and – best of all – they’ll hook over a transom, freeing up space on deck.

Southern Tackle Chillbags are available in a range of sizes, from 46cm x 92 cm all the way to 76cm x 229 cm. Visit for more information.


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