PRODUCTS - Diablo Sniper 10000

Melbourne’s Tuff Tackle releases a super reel for serious gamefish

The Diablo Sniper 10000 from Melbourne-based Tuff Tackle is a new 130lb spinning reel with stainless steel main and pinion gears intended for serious gamefishing.

Tuff Tackle says its products are field-tested by Australian charter operators, and that each reel is assembled individually, rather than on an assembly line.

Each Sniper comes with two free services, and Tuff Tackle says it will completely strip the reel down, then build it back up to original factory tolerances. Apparently

they’ve been doing it this way for three years, and there hasn’t been one reel warranty claim.

Line class: 80 to 130lb
Warranty: 15 years
RRP: $695

To order: Phone (03) 5964 3453 or visit for stockists.


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