NEW PRODUCTS - Boat Ramps software

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Never miss a boat ramp again with this clever iPhone and iPod Touch app

NEW PRODUCTS - Boat Ramps software
NEW PRODUCTS — <I>Boat Ramps</I> software

Boat Ramps is a useful iPhone and iPod Touch app that provides a fast way for locating boat ramps and launching facilities. It is said to be an easy to use reference that draws on a database of over 45,000 ramp locations.

It is particularly useful for boaters who find themselves near unfamiliar waters. Simply enter the desired a city or post code and Boat Ramps will provide a list of possible ramps.

Once a suitable ramp is discovered, its location can be fed to a built-in mapping application to obtain directions. Currently, Boat Ramps provides boat ramp and launch locations for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Ramp / launch locations for additional countries may be added at a later date. Boat Ramps requires the iPhone OS 3.0 to run.

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It can be downloaded form iTunes by visiting

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