NEW PRODUCTS - The Rod Holder

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Store rods out of harm's way with these easily installed storage hooks

NEW PRODUCTS - The Rod Holder
NEW PRODUCTS — The Rod Holder

There’s rodholders and then there’s the Rodholder, an oh-so-simple and clever solution to storing rods out of the way in your garage (or wherever it is you keep them).

To install, simply position a Rod Holder against the ceiling, or directly against the rafters. Make sure the two adjustable bracket plates line up accordingly, and screw them in securely. Do the same for the second Rod Holder, and breathe a sigh of relief as you no longer have to worry about knocking over expensive rods.

Each Rod Holder has a plastic cover to prevent scratching to the rods, and each mounting bracket is adjustable. The product is made locally by Brisbane Metal Products.

RRP is from $20 per pair plus postage (pickups welcome). Visit for more information.

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