NEW PRODUCTS - Outdoor Fish Kitchen

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Stainless outdoor units made specifically for fishermen by the Gut'n'Gill company

NEW PRODUCTS - Outdoor Fish Kitchen
NEW PRODUCTS — Outdoor Fish Kitchen

The Outdoor Fish Kitchen is, as the name implies, a stainless steel kitchen aimed specifically at recreational fishermen. It’s a flat-packed unit made by Gut’n’Gill, a South Australian company that manufactures the product in a range of designs and configurations

Central to the Outdoor Fish Kitchen range is the unit’s prep bench. This is intended for use during cleaning and preparing of fish and other seafood. It can also double as a general outdoor kitchen work-surface when not used for preparing a fresh catch.

The prep benches come in 1.6m and 2.4m sizes. Standard items include cutting/filleting board slots, stubby holders and knife/scaler slots. The 1.6m bench has a large single bowl while the 2.4m bench has two.

There’s a position for mounting a trigger nozzle while a flick mixer can be permanently mounted to the benchtop. An umbrella holder is standard.

All benches are 900mm high with adjustable feet for comfortable working height. A castor set is available that can make the bench fully mobile.

Adjustable outriggers are another accessory. They are easily mounted on to the side of the bench for holding fish coolers at a comfortable height. Single, double and triple stainless steel drawer sets are optional, depending on the buyer’s requirements.

RRP is $1639 + freight for the basic 1.6m unit. Visit for more information.

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