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Track and record your catch with this neat underwater camera


Developed by Aussie car racing identity John Faulkner — who also happens to be a gamefishing enthusiast — the hand-made Towcam Towed Underwater Strike Camera has a high-resolution camera fitted within a CNC-machined brass housing, and it allows you to capture all of the frenetic underwater action when the big fish are on the bite. Specifically tuned to track up near a bait or lure, it comes with 70m of unobtrusive, Kevlar-strengthened cable.

John says the Towcam is the result of over five years of research and development on Australia’s east coast, and the finished product, with its quality construction and crystal-clear footage, has quickly gained acceptance among gamefishing fanatics around the globe.

The Towcam’s output can be wired into a boat’s sounder/GPS screens or saloon flatscreens, so everyone onboard can see what’s going on. An added benefit is that you can see when the big fish are in your area, saving you a fortune in fuel by staying put, even before you’ve even had a strike.

The Towcam has been designed with a specific wing shape to allow it to trail a boat at a preset depth, and it has a low centre of gravity to help it to remain stable. According to Towcam, it also has very little drag, so it can be used with outriggers to put it right where you want it.

It comes with a plastic wind-up reel for easy storage and simply requires a rinse with fresh water at the end of the day. The Towcam’s vision is easily recorded and 16GB, 12V flash card recorders are also available.

Due to the harsh nature of the marine environment the Towcam comes with a two-year limited warranty, but according to Towcam these devices have experienced zero failures with the product so far.

RRP is $3080 (plus $50 postage). Visit for more info.

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