Review: Arvor 605 Sportsfish

We water test and rate the Arvor 605 Sportsfish, a contender in the fibreglass fishing boats category at the 2015 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards.

One of Europe’s finest fibreglass fishing boat builders came to this event to raised eyebrows and inquisitive looks. However, the Arvor 605 Sportsfish held its own.

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Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 heralded a year of change in 2015. New location, new judges and new boats. One of the real eye openers was the all new Arvor 605 Sportsfish.

When we think of Arvor boats, we generally think of the European designed, dieselpowered shaftdrive offerings that have been very popular in Australia for more than 15 years. So Arvor describes this new Sportsfish range as "…bringing together old school values with modern design."

Arvor is now owned by the mighty Brunswick Corporation and distributed here by Arvor Australia. This change of ownership has triggered some new thinking; hence the evolution of three outboard-powered models from 6m to 7.5m.

Arvor 605 Sportsfish fishing boat

While Arvor boats were originally designed for the North Sea and built in Europe, they still hold terrific appeal in Australia. Design features include a walkaround bow, large self-draining cockpit and bait holding tanks, large lockable cabin, large flat wraparound windscreen and opening side hatches and sun roof, plus sealable hatches.

Our Arvor 605 Sportsfish was fitted with the power of the gutsy Mercury 150hp four-stroke outboard motor,  capable of more than 35kts. Other features on the Arvor 605 Sportsfish include an electric windlass, fridge, sea toilet, bimini and additional rod holders.

During his original test, our young fishing guru Jack Murphy said: "The Arvor 605 Sportsfish is a boat that will appeal to hardcore fishos who still have a penchant for superior luxury at sea.

"With voluptuous styling and superb versatility, it’s a boat that’s also safe and comfortable for families – particularly with young kiddies. Many boats try to be too versatile and, as a result, end up excelling in no particular area.

"Arvor has done a great job of walking the line and managing to build a boat that works in all aspects of its intended design."

Arvor 605 Sportsfish deck layout

If you think the pilothouse trawler-style cabin seems odd, stay with us, there are good reasons behind the design. Step into the cabin and you will be enlightened, as 360-degree views are afforded through full-height windows, and there’s ample headroom to boot.

The cabin is light and airy with two windows on either side, plus a sliding roof hatch. There is an enormous about of storage, the helm is comfortable, and maneuverability at low docking speeds is excellent. Jack points out the Arvor 605 Sportsfish is an entirely practical and versatile boat. With its transformable layout, your options are endless from bow to stern.

"It’s fuss-free boating too, with a self-draining deck, two automatic bilge pumps and a dual battery system," he said.

"When it comes to the cockpit, the deep freeboard means it’s safe, yet amazingly functional – one minute it’s all set up for family cruising, the next it’s a bare-bones fishing machine."

The Arvor 605 Sportsfish offers four cockpit rod holders and storage for six more in a lockable compartment, plus twin aft killtanks with electric pump-out. There’s also a deep livebait tank in the port corner below a full-width stern bench. This seat can be flipped up on starboard to provide sea-level access to the transom when it comes time to drag your prize catch onboard.

On the port side you’ll find a great little foldaway bench seat. It is strong and sturdy, yet still easy to flip away and hide in a flash. There is even a removable table in the middle of the deck should fishing give way to a sunset chardonnay cruise.

Arvor 605 Sportsfish cabin

There are some other inviting benefits for the budget minded. She scored well in Value for money, but then consider that she only uses 28.9lt/h travelling at a speedy 26.7kts, giving an extended cruise range of 246km. That’s exceptional economy and efficiency.

The Arvor hull is typical the new highly efficient medium deadrise offerings coming out of Europe.

The 15° moderate-vee gives you an incredibly efficient hull that pops onto the plane with very little throttle and almost invisible transition. She took top marks for Stability at rest, gaining a score of 8.5/10. By being very blunt in the nose, this aids stability and increases internal volume and buoyancy. This gives her a little slapping in the chop, however it’s a terrific trade for the obvious benefits.

The Arvor 605 Sportsfish looked great running in and out of the difficult Lakes Entrance bar and impressed many more onlookers than just our judges at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015.



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