Review: Bar Crusher 730 HT

We water test and rate the Bar Crusher 730 HT, a contender in the aluminium fishing boats category at the 2015 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards.

"Big performer and big fishability" is how one of our boat judges described the Bar Crusher 730 HT. Need we say more?

Bar Crusher 730 Hardtop



Best boats finalist badge aluminiumBar Crusher Boats has performed well in the Aluminium Fishing Boats category at every Australia’s Greatest Boats competition. In fact, Bar Crusher has won twice – that’s some record! Every year Bar Crusher produces the goods, and every year the quality of these aluminium fishing boats get better and better with more creature-friendly appointments and accessories.

This year Bar Crusher couldn’t get a boat free from the heavy production schedule to dress for the competition, so a Bar Crusher with 200 hours on the clock was borrowed. Most of us didn’t know until we were told. Many competitors’ fishing boats show the test of time after such hours, so it’s a credit to Bar Crusher’s overall quality presentation that this one looked as good as the day it left the factory.

Bar Crusher 730 HT fishing deck

Our young mate and Australia’s Greatest Boats judge Jack Murphy has had plenty of experience in Bar Crusher boats. As a young fishing tragic he vividly described his feelings on the boat thus: "A fisho’s wet dream – everything we need and more! Crazy amount of deck space with the 2.5m beam, absolutely loved it. With so many gauges and electronics it’s hard to make a dash so clean and minimalistic – they’ve done it." He went on to say that it is, "soft riding and turns a like a jetski, pretty impressive for a 730."

Kevin Smith commented: "Fill up the 345lt fuel tank and disappear for a weekend of gamefishing – that’s my kind of X-Factor." We all agree with the judges, Bar Crusher is building dream fishing boats that are mainly directed towards the keen fishing fraternity, but also with strong appeal to the whole family. After all, everyone commented on how soft the ride is. In fact everyone in every competition has commented the same thing!

Bar Crusher 730 HT cockpit

A soft-riding hull with good stability at rest are the primary prerequisites, without them it doesn’t matter about the bells and whistles. They are and always have been Bar Crusher’s primary manufacturing targets which it has achieved perfectly as a leader in the aluminium fishing boats field. But Bar Crusher has also had the development time to refine its products to appeal to aesthetic, ergonomic and comfort factors as well.

The Bar Crusher 730 HT has an enclosed hardtop as you would expect. Bar Crusher was the first to our knowledge to incorporate an opening section in the middle of the screen to get that all important airflow pumping throughout the cabin on those hot and steamy days.

The Bar Crusher 730 HT has an open back which very much suits its sports and gamefishing appeal. However the same package is available in fully enclosed pilothouse options with full camper comfort and enclosed rear bulkhead for those long watery sojourns.

Bar Crusher 730 HT at rest

We just loved the optional portable electric fridge on its track mount that Bar Crusher had built especially for this customer. The fridge can be completely removed at the end of the trip, or perhaps when you have reached that campsite ‘back of beyond’ on your favourite secret spot.

Bar Crusher uses the internal ballast system to vary ride and weight. It lightens the boat considerably with empty ballast on the road but in the water at rest, it fills with 400lt of water down low in the keel to greatly improve stability. It also allows a deeper vee and hence the very soft ride, the 300kg of fuel assisting the weight and ride as well when the tank is full.

The big Bar Crusher 730 has a huge footprint both on water and on land. Its deck space is enormous, aided by the full-width 2.5m beam. It has nice, high gunwales and tons of storage space. The standard unit includes features like a radio, infill cushions in the cabin, rodholders, bait table, livebait tank, hydraulic steering, self-draining deck, two batteries and much more. The big vee-berth is ultimately inviting and the level of comfort at the helm is terrific.

Bar Crusher 730 HT open windscreen

Our competition unit was fitted with the big, gutsy "Zuker" – yep, the 250hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard motor that put a big smile on everyone’s faces. What spectacular performance and what a beautiful note that sends shivers of confidence with every stroke

In the configuration as displayed, the Bar Crusher 730 HT weighs in at a considerable 2300-plus-kilos, bringing this big offshore contender well within the towing capacity of most mid-range four-wheel-drives, as was the design brief for the original development.

Just mention Bar Crusher on any fishing or boating website and watch the eruption. These boats have the passion, the ride, the fitout and the appeal to a huge percentage of Australian sports and game fishermen – and their families to boot!



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