Review: Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop

We water test and rate the Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop, a contender in the fibreglass fishing boats category at the 2015 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards.

Here it is folks – the boat the judges rated the top fibreglass fishing boat for Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015.

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Haines Hunter is a name that will have any red-blooded fisho simply bursting with excitement. Here’s a brand that has tradition stretching right back to the early days of fibreglass innovation and with an undeniable reputation for seamanship.

The Haines Hunter boats brand has undergone constant evolution for more than 50 years, initially starting with strong but basic designs, albeit with a reputation for soft-riding strength.

The Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop is the evolution of the wonderful 650 hull that won AGB at the inaugural 2010 event.

Haines Hunter 675 Offshore transom

The hull wowed judges back then as it burst through the swell off Sydney’s northern beaches in a display of majesty that left the rest of the field wanting. Roll on five years and the new 675 has left another panel of judges in awe of this boat’s layout, capabilities, equipment and ride.

Haines Hunter calls it "the ultimate all-rounder", and who are we to argue?

The boat on show at Lakes Entrance is owned by Haines Hunter fishing team member Jack Auld, a highly successful fishing tragic who chases all manner of sportsfish way out to the Continental Shelf and back again.

When he’s not targeting pelagics, Jack is busting his way around Port Phillip Bay’s washing machine chop.

The Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop was a natural choice for Jack, and his boat is beautifully fitted – a great example of a state-of-the-art fishing weapon.

Most manufacturers have recently produced hardtop fishing boat designs in various forms. However the hardtop on the Haines Hunter might just be the pinnacle of modern boatbuilding.

It’s a magnificent presentation that encompasses warmth, character, shade, protection and facility on the boat, while enhancing aesthetics. It’s drop dead gorgeous!

Hardtop on Haines Hunter 675 Offshore

The 50mm stainless steel support structure gives the strength of a Sherman tank, but it also looks great.

This is a boat with fishing smarts from the bottom of the 21° deep-vee hull to the tip of the outriggers.

It is loaded with well-refined design at the helm, on the dash, in the cabin and out on the expansive deck. The mouldings are beautiful and the construction quality is premium.

This new offering has a revised floor height 150mm above previous models, and yet the coamings are still nice and high for security when operating or fighting a fish in a big, sloppy sea.

The hull uses the Haines Hunter Structural Safety Matrix (SSM) of ’glass encapsulated marine ply and is foam-filled for maximum safety (the only boat in the fleet built to Marine Board Survey specifications).

This all adds to the surefooted, soft and quiet sensation you feel when covering long distances at speed. The 675 Offshore HT has plenty of fuel capacity for extended sojourns with a 280lt fuel tank.

Transoms are no longer just engine mounts. The transom area on the Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop is a complete fishing work station with ergonomically designed rod racks, baitboards, livebait wells, sumps, and enclosed battery and pumps lockers.

The dive door has also become a very popular item among anglers and divers and this one is properly built into the structure of the boat, not just slotted in as an afterthought.

This big girl can really move too, with the guts and determination of a 250hp Yamaha four-stroke blasting her out of the hole and up to a top speed of around 45kts with a full load.

Haines Hunter 675 on ocean

What’s more the hull handles the speed and power superbly and can carry six big anglers with ease. She’s certainly not a budget boat but as usual, you get what you pay for.

The Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop is a premium package that convinced all our judges, taking line honours in four different criteria: 9.4/10 Suitability for intended purpose; 9/10 Design, layout and appearance; 9.2/10 Quality of finish; and 9.2/10 for Standard equipment.

The only thing more impressive was the long line of judges all vying for a spot onboard to go fishing at the end of the competition!



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