Best aluminium fishing boats | Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016

We present the best aluminium fishing boats contenders in the 2016 Australia’s Greatest Boats shootout.


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Here are the five best aluminium fishing boats contenders at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016. At some time in the last 12 months, each boat was thoroughly tested in the field by one of our boat reviewers, where it was found to have scored very highly. The highest scoring aluminium fishing boats were then invited to attend Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016.

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Best aluminium fishing boats 2016

Bar Crusher 490C

Bar Crusher 490C

The all-new Bar Crusher 490s are scaled-down versions of the offshore aluminium fishing boats. They are very well packaged and present exceptional design, construction and function. Best of all? They're one of the most competitively priced boats in its class.




Sailfish S8

Sailfish S8

The Sailfish S7 was a superb offshore boat. In fact, it was crowned the best aluminium fishing boat at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015. Then power cat maker Sailfish came up with the S8. The custom fitout options on this boat are endless, but the standard package is pretty much all-inclusive and only needs your electronics selection.



Surtees 850 Gamefisher

Surtees 850 Game Fisher

The Surtees 850 Game Fisher is a thrill to behold, from the helm or viewed from afar. Undeniably an offshore weapon, it’s still packed with onboard comforts and shows-topping looks that are sure to impress family and friends alike. Plus, it’s got the ride, features and range to venture far and wide in safety, comfort and style. 



Anglapro Predator 16

Anglapro Predator 16

Anglapro has hit a sweet spot with the Predator 16. It’s a boat capable of venturing offshore in the right conditions while it's still suitable for estuary and bay fishing. It will also make an ideal choice for long runs on our bigger East Coast rivers and at 1200kg all-up on a trailer, it’s easy to haul on big road trips without having to go to the added expense of a large tow vehicle.



TABS 5000 Territory Pro

TABS 5000 Territory Pro

TABS Boats combines a myriad of premium elements to make this a great multi-use sportsfisher. With a configuration mainly directed toward lure casting, the 5000 Territory Pro is certainly a serious contender for any half-serious fisho but can double-up for some family fun to boot.




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