Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016

The Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016 mega comparison returns. Join us as Trade-a-Boat rates and reviews the best fishing boats in the country.


Picking the best fishing boats

The idea behind Australia’s Greatest Boats is simple. Once a year we look back on the dozens of trailer boat reviews we’ve done over the previous 12 months. Those boats that scored the highest at the time are then invited to attend the event, where they are re-tested by our judges.

This year's event was held in spectacular Eden, NSW (see our location and Eden fishing report). As always, there are two categories in Australia’s Greatest Boats, taking place over two consecutive days. The categories are: best Fibreglass Fishing Boats and best Aluminium Fishing Boats. Each category covers five boats.

During the event, each of the 10 boats is comprehensively tested by no less than five judges. Each judge then rates and scores every boat over 10 separate criteria. The scores are then tallied, and the boats that scored the highest are judged to be the top in their class. 

Fibreglass fishing boat

Best fibreglass fishing boats 2016 

The premium fishing boats category, it includes boats from offshore battlewagons to nimble centre-consoles.


Aluminium fishing boat

Best aluminium fishing boats 2016

The aluminium fishing boats category covers everything from tinnies to bluewater-capable plate-aluminium boats.


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Judging the boats

Best boats judges Boat judges  
Meet the judging panel

The rating criteria


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