Review: Anglapro Predator 16

We water test and rate the Anglapro Predator 16, a contender in the aluminium fishing boats category at the 2016 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards.

Anglapro Predator 16 fishing boat
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The Anglapro Predator 16 is a hardcore aluminium fishing boat that makes the most of the available space in a no-frills package. With its ‘no frills’ approach it will appeal to a huge group of purchasers who want a basic fishing boat package that they can later customise with accessories to suit their own preferences and style.

Bottom and sides on the Anglapro 16 Predator are all constructed from 4mm aluminium, with reverse chines pressed into the rear two-thirds of the hull, while the underfloor section is engineered for strength, with welded stringers and gussets in the Anglapro X-core design.

The sides of the Anglapro Predator 16 are plate aluminium without the need for internal supports, so the boat is a combination of pressed and plate construction, giving strength and shape where needed. The floor is fully welded but not self-draining. The sharply raked bow has moderate flare and runs to flatter sections amidships with a moderate 16-degree deadrise at the transom.

The basic Anglapro Predator 16 sacrifices a helm seat in favour of more space in its ‘pure fishing’ set-up, reflecting the wishes of many skippers, but being a semi-custom boat, there is the option to have either a seat or a leaning post fitted.

There are folding upholstered quarter seats and bait tanks in each corner of the transom, and there’s also a boarding platform with a ladder that would be very handy for divers and swimmers, or kids enjoying a watersports day. Lest we offend plastic flickers, let’s call the substantial table a work station rather than – hush – a ‘bait table’. Underneath is a hinged cover that hides the bilge pump, fuel filter and electrics. It keeps things neat, tidy and safely stowed.

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Storage is good for a boat of this size, with a huge space under the front platform, large killtank in the floor and a 100lt underfloor fuel tank that provides exceptional range for the gutsy yet frugal Mercury 100hp four-stroke.

Despite its simple appearance, the cockpit is very neatly fitted out. Storage pockets extend along the side decks, and engine cables are concealed behind a neat cover as they exit the gunwale to the console.

The simple dash layout is angled appropriately to keep the instruments in the skipper’s line of sight while driving and there is also ample room for large-screen electronics.

Both in rougher water and back inside the bay, the Anglapro Predator 16 handled impeccably, delivering a soft ride over waves and a sporty but predictable feel at the wheel. It’s a sweet-handling boat with plenty of power on tap for a bit of fun on the way to the fishing grounds.

What did the rest of the team make of it? Kevin Smith said: "Soft, quiet, dry ride. Well suited to grumpy waterways. Big and beamy and handles shifting weight really well. Good simplicity equals the ability to rig the way you want. Impressive soft ride for a boat under five metres."

Steve Starling commented: "It’s a sound hull and a surprisingly good ride," while John Ford added: "Monster cockpit, roomy front deck, pleasant lines and good helm design, with wide side decks and small side pockets."

Anglapro boats have hit a sweet spot with the Predator 16. This one’s a boat capable of venturing offshore in the right conditions while remaining suitable for estuary and bay fishing. 

Anglapro Predator 16 console

Anglapro Predator 16 specs

Anglapro Predator 16 price: $46,990

Price as tested



Fully welded floor, second bait tank, VHF radio, Lowrance HDS9 touch, Diamond Deck non slip padding on transom, helm seat removal


MATERIAL Aluminium

TYPE Monohull fishing boat


BEAM 2.35m

WEIGHT 1200kg (BMT)

PEOPLE (day) 5

FUEL 100lt

ENGINE 100hp Mercury four-stroke outboard motor



Good Times Marine

Phone (02) 9524 6999



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Anglapro Predator 16 rating

Anglapro Predator 16 rating


What the judges said

Fishing suitability

The Anglapro Predator 16 has a big, beamy boat with soft ride and plenty of fishing room, plus a big killtank. A solid, well-placed baitboard, but let down by the engine setup and some finishing issues — carpet joins and the floor to rear lifts up.

It's a sound hull and surprisingly good ride, but a little underprepared for Australia’s Greatest Boats. Reasonably good fishing ergonomics, but I'd want at least one seat.

Open book to build a fishing boat from — love the height of the bait station and which is very sturdy A pretty basic, no-frills package. Performs disappointingly, given engine and prop not set up properly = cavitation. Spacious open boat that can be optioned up to suit. Good all-round fisher



Did not really notice any innovations on the Anglapro Predator 16. Good console position giving heaps of space to work fish. Nothing especially new here.

Kept simple for open fishing. Far larger interior that boats of similar size. Plate construction in a smaller boat pared back to essentials for maximum space. Lack of a seat won’t suit everyone.


Design and layout

This boat presents well without being spectacular. Very open and uncluttered though — a solid vehicle for after-market customisation perhaps?

Monster cockpit, roomy front deck, pleasant lines and good helm design, with wide side decks and small side pockets. Aggressive graphics look awesome. Good sized console, good position of grab rails.

Simple and spacious. Has really good potential. Could improve on finishes, finer touches to detail. Side pockets need more depth. Lock hatches down. More angle to steering. A screen would be good. Door on console would be good. Rear seats feel cheap.


Quality of finish

Solid, good looking boat. Some more attention to detail would help the Anglapro Predator 16. Average to poor overall finish and quality. The visible welds are acceptable, but loose, unfastened sections of flooring are not.

Good paint outside but the carpet edges are a bit rough. Neat welds on sidedecks. A brave effort to bring plate to the masses [but needs refinement and more focus] Clean, neat, simple, Again, finer touches need attention. Could be a great aluminium fishing boat.


Handling and ride

Soft riding and turns well. Brisk performance when going, but some cavitation evident in extreme cornering. Soft and super quiet for an aluminium fishing boat.

Apart from some cavitation issues, the ride was surprising. The console looks to be set too far forward, but actually works well and rides soft and dry for a boat of this size and design. Soft, quiet, dry ride well suited to grumpy waterways. The hull rides well and is pretty dry.


Stability at rest

Good at rest with two on-board, possibly better with four though, as the chines weren't completely submerged.

No real problems. Some weight sensitivity in the bow, but to be expected with this vee hull. Very good at rest. Three could happily fish one side of this boat without fear. Big and beamy and handles weight shift really well.



Easy to move around the Anglapro Predator 16. Helm and instruments well positioned and battery access is good. Would prefer to have tried one with seats. Perfectly positioned console giving room for up to five fishos in a 5m fishing boat!

No windscreen or seats included. Poor driver protection and the helm layout is average. Kept simple, with loads of space for extra add-ons.


Standard equipment

A pretty basic package as standard. It’s got the basics but not the frills. Nothing special.

There’s a VHF, sounder and foam filled floor(?) plus two live tanks, and a big kill tank, but a leaning post at the helm would be good. Has enough to get you out on the water fishing.


Value for money

Good list of features on the Anglapro Predator 16. Roomy with a good ride. Aluminium plate construction adds value. This package is attractively priced although it would still be necessary to spend a few more dollars to finish it off nicely.

Seems high but then it does have the best 100hp outboard motor doing the rounds in the Command Trust Mercury 100. I don’t rate it highly in terms of value for money.

Quality plate boats generally hold a reasonable resale value, but a few more extras added as standard inclusions would always be appreciated by the buyer



It’s in the simplicity and ability to rig the way you want. Solid plate construction gives good performance. Impressive soft ride for a boat under 5m.

Needs a lot more bling and attention to detail. The engine/prop set up is poorly done and it cavitates in turns. Great base to work from.

Probably the best thing about it is the fact it comes with a 100hp Merc. Very little WOW factor. There's a nice boat in there trying to get out!


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