Review: Scout 195 Sportfish

We water test and rate the Scout 195 Sportfish, a finalist in the fibreglass fishing boats category at the 2016 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards.

Scout 195 Sportfish
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"Wow, simply wow" was the catchcry from all of our Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016 judges after experiencing the thrill of driving the magnificent Scout 195 Sportfish. This is undoubtedly a world-class offering to the immense sportsfishing fraternity, with wide appeal to many other boating sectors to boot.

One look at any of the Scout boats offerings will get the juices flowing in any keen fisho, however the Scout 195 Sportfish ticks all of the boxes for a very high percentage of Aussie anglers. Judge Kevin Smith did the original boat review, and wrote: "The ideal fishing centre console, these boats have an awesome balance between functionality and style. Externally they look the part: modern, stylish and sexy — along with an interior that’s just as good looking."

There’s obviously much more than just great looks to this performer. Sure the Scout 195 Sportfish has the style, grace and appeal, but the undercarriage is simply magnificent with curvaceous lines flowing to a magnificent bow flare and a stunning sheer. Inviting features lay comfort into the roughest engagement. In pure Aussie terms the Scout 195 Sportfish looks great, rides well, has enormous construction credentials, maximised inherent safety, a sensational layout and is loaded with fishing boat features.

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Scout boats has melded a terrific mix of new and innovative ideas with the pinnacle of traditional design and necessities. Firstly, there’s a ton of room to fish right around the boat. The bow platform forms a very workable, uncluttered casting deck that will be perfect for both lure and fly casting and there are removable cushions for multipurpose comfort if the family wants a day boating — not fishing. There are big, wide non-skid coamings that are actually wide enough to stand on and make a good multilevel bracing stance for casting. The Yanks often forget that we Aussies like to fish at anchor, but not the designers at Scout who have a decent anchor well in the bow and plenty of room should you wish to fit an electric motor.

The console layout is a beauty. There’s a seat in front with a lift-out icebox, a ton of dash space for big modern electrics, and instead of having a dedicated baitwell mounted into the stern the Scout 195 Sportfish has a tournament-styled leaning post/seating setup with incorporated plumbed baitwell and backrest. It’s an awesome setup and can be used as seating or a leaning post, with two extra rodholders by simply taking the backrest out. The wider than normal 2.6m beam (note: overwidth road towing regulation apply) allows a ton of room for a wide console with storage, plentiful coamings and tones of space even for big heifers to walk around. Overhead is an excellent T-top that even has net storage for lifejackets and safety grab bag.

Many American fishing boats are almost unworkable with the amount of clutter in the transom work area, but again, not with the Scout 195 Sportfish. There are a pair of moulded seats with folding backrests and cushions for extra seating, and underneath is the electrical and plumbing equipment — but it is all entirely workable. There is rod storage in the gunwales, rodholders all-round, a ton of nifty storage and a score of other fishy features, all beautifully presented in the strong fibreglass composite foam-filled hull.

The ride is exquisite, the stability sensational, and being fitted with the magnificent 150hp Mercury four-stroke outboard motor left nothing wanting in the guts, speed and power department with a top end of around 40kts! The Scout 195 Sportfish is certainly a keen choice as one of the best sportsfishing rigs available to spoilt Aussie fishos.

Scout 195 Sportfish centre console fishing boat


Scout 195 Sportfish specs

Scout 195 Sportfish price: $68,507

Price as tested



Trolling motor plug, raw washdown, battery isolator and twin trays, bow cushion, leaning post backrest,







TYPE Monohull

LENGTH 5.92m

BEAM 2.6m



ENGINE 150hp Mercury FourStroke



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Scout 195 Sportfish rating

Scout 195 Sportfish rating


What the judges said

Fishing suitability

A dedicated centre-console fishing boat for the bay and offshore fisho that cracks the code on the water. The Scout 195 Sportfish is an excellent walkround fisher with real fun-factor thrown in. Blast out to spot-X and fish the world away with three mates.

Easy to tow, easy to launch and easy to keep. The c fits all the bills for a serious fisho. This is a beautifully finished and very classy package that would be equally at home chasing inshore sportsfish or offshore game species. Performs perfectly as expected. This is a versatile open ocean-capable or estuary boat with jetski-like performance.  Efficiently setup for fishing.



Deceptively simple layout with lots of neat features like the removable/convertible seat-backs and large livewell under the seat. Lots of little features that combine for a well-sorted fishing boat.  Side clears do a great job in wet weather.

The Scout 195 Sportfish incorporates a lot of small, but critical refinements from self-draining cup holders to sealed hatches, folding cleats and superb metalwork. Excellent blend of bay and offshore boat. Medium-to-high sides make it a crossover. Style and class perfectly incorporated into a centre console — say no more!


Design and layout

Sleek and sexy on the water and super comfortable to fish from. A good combination of serious fishing and even a boat that would appeal to the sporty family. Difficult to find fault with this boat from both a layout and fishing POV. Great access to all areas and a very stylish and well-presented boat overall.

Soft and classy describes the look of the Scout 195 Sportfish which follows through to the fittings. Visually, this vessel is nothing short of stunning — a real head turner. The layout, ergonomics etc. are all superb. Low profile lines with well-designed T-top. Nice touches include: slot for anchor; lockable glove box; huge aerated livey tank; well-designed gullwing clears that work.


Quality of finish

High level of mouldings and upholstery. Superb alloy in T-top and rocket launcher. Full composite construction with reverse letterbox fitment for solid, one-piece structure. Scout Boats is all about the finish! There are few better in the business.

Scout Boats are global leaders in quality and it’s evident in the 195 Sportfish. Excellent quality in terms of fittings, finish, upholstery and fibreglass work. Classic styling and subtle colours together with refined finishes make the Scout a knock-out!


Handling and ride

If you are a speed freak or need to get to the 'Hot spot' in a hurry and smoothly then the Scout 195 Sportfish is the way to do it. A deceptive boat in terms of its size and how well it rides and handles — it feels like a much larger vessel and just eats up the bumps.

Soft, sporty and super-fun. Handles like a jetski! With the tabs fully down, the nose of the Scout 195 Sportfish monstered the 3-4m chop in Twofold Bay like a boat twice its size. Probably the hull most affected by tabs, but a boat that, once confident, could do almost anything.

Ride was great. Dry in conditions as tested but could be potentially a bit wet. Comes with clears though…


Stability at rest

Pretty good for its size. The Scout 195 Sportfish is stable at rest, although with three adults on one side, there was a noticeable list. Trim tabs fitted, indicating it may be trim sensitive?

Moved a bit with weight changes. Not unsafe but not class-leading. Quite stable and would be a great fishing platform for three people or more. Massive beam and massive stability contribute to providing a great fishing and driving platform.



Super comfortable to drive when seated or standing — one of the most comfortable at Australia’s Greatest Boats. Could do with some foot rests, but really a consummate performer in all categories of ergonomics.

Good size console without taking too much room. The casting deck was at an ideal height as a crossover, not too high to lose stability in bay chop, but high enough to give good vision of your prey. I'm not a huge fan of the stern quarter-seats from a fishing perspective, but I could live with them. A bit of organisation of the console storage would be nice. Well laid-out helm. Soft furnishings can be removed for fishing. Central livebait tank.


Standard equipment

Unsinkable with a self-draining deck/small scuppers. Fit-up includes nav screen and VHF, clears were also a welcome feature. But no killtank? Esky only. 189lt fuel tank gives incredible range! First class fishing boat — everything you need is there and of high quality. Could do with more rod storage and lockers. T-top pockets were a nice touch. 

Deck was not self-draining at rest and bilge was hidden away, not my preferred setup for Aussie waters — needs attention. Fitted out to a pretty high standard at the factory. No compromise on quality and a decent array of features and accessories supplies as standard.


Value for money

Very well priced considering the fully loaded package on the Scout 195 Sportfish. Definitely a lot of boat for the money in terms of capability, finish and performance. Priced at under $70,000 with the excellent 150hp Mercury FourStroke outboard motor, it’s a great deal. Get in quick before the dollar moves!

While it sounds expensive, $68,500 is good value for this rig. With some TLC it would also hold value well. This nearly two-year-old boat still looks new… At the price, it's good value for a versatile, well-sorted boat.



Fun to drive and with plenty of power from that 150 Mercury outboard engine. Looks cool and IS cool! The Scout 195 Sportfish makes me go Wow again and again. It's impossible to find anything that rattles, shakes, vibrates or doesn’t fit properly. She's all class. Rides like a go-kart. Exceptional handling for a boat of this size.

Definitely scores highly in the Wow factor but even higher in the FUN factor! The ultimate flats bay, dam, and even offshore fisher with some serious 'zing' in performance. 


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