Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017

The Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017 mega comparison returns. Join us as Trade-a-Boat rates and reviews the best fishing boats in the country.

Australia’s Greatest Boats is a simple concept. Once a year we look back at the fishing boats our experts rated and reviewed over the past 12 months. The scores are tallied and the ones that rated the highest are invited to battle it out at the Australia’s Greatest Boats shootout.


Picking the best fishing boats for 2017

As with every year, the competing fishing boats are rated according to a strict set of detailed criteria. Since the annual event started in 2010, we’ve never modified the system — not because we don’t challenge what we do, but because these measures are the backbone of authority and honesty.

We’re often asked how a $35,000 boat can compete against a $200,000 boat, but the simple fact is they don’t. Our crew has more than 100 years’ collective industry experience which we draw upon to get a feel for each boat’s performance, value for money and what features should come standard. Check out this guide to the rating criteria for a full explanation on the judging process.


Best aluminium fishing boats 2017

Best aluminium fishing boats 2017

The aluminium fishing boats category covers everything from tinnies to bluewater-capable plate-aluminium boats.


Best fibreglass fishing boat 2017

Best fibreglass fishing boats 2017

The premium fishing boats category, it includes boats from offshore battlewagons to nimble centre-consoles.



Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017 was held on the spectacular Fraser Coast, Queensland. We worked off the side of Fraser Island, making the most of what is easily one of the best boating and fishing locations in the country.

Why the Fraser Coast? It has varying conditions, solid amenities, willing and friendly locals and – most importantly – challenging boat test conditions. The boats were tested around Pelican Bank and Moon Point, with some runs up the island.


Judging the boats

Best boats judges Boat judges  
Meet the judging panel

The rating criteria


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