Best fibreglass fishing boats | Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017

We present the best fibreglass fishing boats contenders in the 2017 Australia’s Greatest Boats shootout.

Here are the five best fibreglass fishing boats contenders at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017. At some time in the last 12 months, each boat was thoroughly tested in the field by one of our boat reviewers, where it was found to have scored very highly. The highest scoring fibreglass fishing boats were then invited to attend Australia’s Greatest Boats 2017.

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Best fibreglass fishing boats 2017


Caribbean 2400 fibreglass fishing boat

Caribbean 2400

Caribbean boats are no stranger to Australia’s Greatest Boats, having been there as recently as 2015 with the Caribbean 2300 Outboard. The Caribbean 2400 proudly reflects time-proven design and construction techniques. With a 2.7m beam it’s a big boat by trailerboat standards, and it carries a deep vee, with an enormous cabin, a feature that was particularly welcome on this model.


Haines Hunter 565R fishing boat

Haines Hunter 565R

The Haines Hunter boats brand is prominent in Australian trailerboat history. The original models are legendary and the all-new Haines Hunter 565R carries on the tradition. Yet we all need to move on with modern technology and design, and that’s exactly what the new Haines Hunter 565R fishing boat is all about.


Whittley SL 22 Sea Legend fishing boat

Whittley SL 22 Sea Legend

The Whittley SL22 Sea Legend isn’t exactly new but boy does it have some exciting new technology. This Sea Legend is Whittley’s most popular boat. It’s a very comfortable boat, with the low-down centre of gravity of a Volvo V6 Duoprop sterndrive adding tremendously to the soft riding hull. It has amazing speed, thrifty economy and a fishable layout, all combined with terrific comfort.


Northbank 650 Hardtop fishing boat

Northbank 650 Hard Top

Northbank boats made plenty of friends at last year’s shootout with the Northbank 750HT. This year’s entry is the popular Northbank 650 Hard Top. The hull has withstood much time and many swells, and it’s now been updated with a ripper new hardtop. We were all impressed with the construction quality, fishability, ride and – most importantly – the honesty.


Sea Fox 288 Commander fishing boat

Sea Fox 288 Commander

The Sea Fox 288 Commander is an amazing and excessively capable sport/gamefish crossover family fun boat. It has an endless array of creature comforts carefully stowed in a stunning presentation and it’s a fast offshore mover with undeniable fishability and accessibility, yet it packs a state-of-the-art assembly of high-tech features and aesthetics.


Mako 284 Centre Console fishing boat

Mako 284 CC

The Mako 284 Centre Console is a big trailerable fibreglass fishing boat in anyone’s language — but one with the size, power, layout and performance to manage the demands of today’s mobile sport and gamefishers. Mako Boats is the defending Australia’s Greatest Boats champion; the little sister to this model, the Mako 234 CC, rocked the pants off all our judges last year.


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