New lightweight engines


BRP is commemorating 100 years of Evinrude outboard engine innovation with the introduction of new E-TEC 2009 centennial model year engines.

The company said the 25 and 30hp (right) Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines, featuring an all new anniversary year graphic design, will be available at Evinrude dealerships worldwide for the 2009 model year.

BRP said the new two-cylinder engines offer the highest fuel efficiency, lightest weight, and most power in their competitive engine class, with the technology and superior results proven by five years of E-TEC technology success and a rigorous testing program.

With a 576cc displacement and 64.4kg weight, BRP said boaters will enjoy the advantages of quick acceleration, high power and low fuel consumption provided by these new lower horsepower engines. Ergonomically designed for easy operation, BRP said the 25 and 30hp engines feature a more compact and integrated pull handle that locks in place, standard electronic adjustable idle speed control, and a trim and tilt switch located at the end of the twist grip.

BRP said the tiller handle incorporates a unique ‘touch troll’ button, which acts like a cruise control to allow boaters easy adjustment and maintain optimal trolling speed.

Boaters, it said, can rely on the high 15amp of net output for additional power to operate onboard electronics, while each model, regardless of configuration, includes a rewind rope starter.

BRP said the new engines feature the same E-TEC technology that provides superior benefits found throughout the model line, such as: low maintenance, including three years or 300 hours of no dealer-scheduled maintenance; a three-year non declining warranty; no oil filters and no oil changes; no belts or chains to adjust or replace; and, no valve throttle linkage adjustments required.

For further information, visit www.brp.com


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