NEWS - Yamaha F150 patrols Murray River

NSW Maritime selected a Stabicraft 589 SC powered by a Yamaha F150 four-stroke outboard for patrol work on the Murray River.

NEWS - Yamaha F150 patrols Murray River
NEWS - Yamaha F150 patrols Murray River

A single Yamaha F150 four-stroke outboard has been selected by NSW Maritime to power the latest patrol boat to join the fleet operating in southern NSW.

Yamaha Australia said the F150 is rated as one of the lowest emission outboards available in Australia and is also one of the most popular engines in its four-stroke line-up.

NSW Maritime is the authority responsible for marine safety, regulation of commercial and recreational boating and oversight of port operations in NSW.

The latest Yamaha-powered rig is fitted to a Stabicraft 589 SC hull and is destined to be stationed at Mildura on the Murray River, patrolling the river from Mildura through to Albury.

Supplied by Yamaha dealer MY Marine of Dromana, Victoria, the NSW Maritime vessel is a custom rig designed and fitted out expressly for the task.

"This is the seventh Stabicraft rig that has been supplied to NSW Maritime for operational use in southern NSW," said Michael Rozakis of MY Marine.

"However, this rig has a few things that are a bit different to the previous Stabicraft rigs. Notably, NSW Maritime has specified a hardtop cabin whereas previously they have opted for a conventional soft canopy set up," he said.

With the Stabicraft 589SC hull rated to a maximum of 150hp on the transom, the tender is said to have called for a four-stroke F150 Yamaha to be fitted, and with a 30in transom height on the pod, an Extra Long F150 model was supplied.

When fitted and tuned to the hull, Yamaha Australia said the performance data logged by MY Marine proved the outboard to be an ideal selection, with a top speed of 77kmh.

While outright speed is an important factor when patrolling the Murray River, Yamaha Australia said the NSW Maritime vessel is more likely to operate at the economical cruise of 4500rpm for a speed of 61kmh.
At cruise speed, the Yamaha is claimed to have a fuel consumption of 2.35km/lt, giving the Stabicraft a range of just over 350km from the standard size 150-litre fuel tank.

While out on patrol on the Murray River, Yamaha Australia said the nature of NSW Maritime patrol work dictates a mixture of cruising with time spent pulling up alongside boats for safety inspections and licence checks. This kind of work it said involves hours with the engine operating at idle, together with frequent gear shifting.

The standard Stabicraft 589SC benefitted from a ‘commercial upgrade’ pack, a group of enhancements that includes HD fendering, commercial seating for the two-man crew, box section walkway around the outside of the hull and extra lockable storage.

The hull itself has also been beefed up with a 6mm plate bottom sheet and 4mm sides, and all up, the rig weighs 1700kg on the water. Yamaha Australia said the Stabicraft hull is a favoured choice of NSW Maritime due to the low wake and stability of the hull.

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