OptiMax provides maximum performance

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Mercury’s Pro XS models deliver top performance

OptiMax provides maximum performance
OptiMax provides maximum performance

Mercury has expanded its high-performance, direct-injection OptiMax Pro XS range with the introduction of the 115 Pro XS and 200 Pro XS models. These models build on a standard OptiMax engine and deliver even greater durability and power.

Nicholas Webb, Mercury’s Director of Outboard Product – Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, said: "There are a number of boats on the water with a maximum rating of 115hp and the new OptiMax 115 Pro XS will let these owners get the absolute best out of their craft. Competitive fishers, for example, who want to get every advantage they can get, are going to love the 200 Pro XS."

Mercury said its OptiMax Pro XS outboards have improved holeshot and acceleration, better cruising speed with heavier loads, and increased top end speed. A higher wide open throttle rpm operating range means OptiMax Pro XS outboards give owners more propeller options to maximise the performance of their boat, while the engines’ carbon fibre reeds produce improved performance and efficiency because of their superior durability and responsiveness.

Mercury also said its OptiMax range delivers superior fuel economy, and that OptiMax Pro XS engines go even further with their dome-shaped pistons that direct the fuel/air charge onto the spark plug for even greater fuel efficiency.

Both engines are compatible with Mercury’s "Big Tiller" which has integrated shift, trim and throttle controls, and each has a fully regulated belt-driven 60amp alternator to reduce heat build-up. Both engines also use Mercury’s SmartCraft technology.

The Mercury 115 Pro XS and 200 Pro XS models weigh 170kg and 229kg respectively. They are both backed by a 3+2 (five year) warranty for recreational use.


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