Yamaha F225C undergoing trials


Yamaha’s F225C sports model is currently undergoing trials on the Gold Coast

Yamaha F225C undergoing trials
Yamaha F225C undergoing trials

A trial model of Yamaha’s new F225C sports and performance outboard is currently hard at work on the transom of ski-racing veteran Chris Williams’ 2009 model Bullet 1850 skiboat.

Based on Yamaha’s four-stroke V6 225hp model, the initial F225C variant suits outboard hulls with a long 20in transom height by placing the powerhead lower on hull, for a lower centre of gravity and better handling at high speed. It counts a host of changes including an exclusive ECM unit, longer intake manifolds, a new uppercase design for the L driveshaft and a new piston design to deliver even better throttle response.

"We are running the Yamaha F225C stock standard, straight out of the box," said Williams, who is also the parts and service manager at Broadwater Boating Centre on the Gold Coast. "This is truly effortless ski racing. Since fitting the new engine we have had zero issues. The reliability is fantastic and the fuel consumption on race day is very low."

The unit also has components more commonly fitted to the F250 model. The lower unit with stock 30:15 ratio is off the F250 as is the single inlet throttle body fuel induction system and the variable camshaft system.

"My previous Bullet 1850 had a Yamaha 225hp two-stroke engine on the transom," says Williams. "With the new F225C on my boat, there is absolutely no doubt that this new engine is more powerful.

"I am currently running a 29in pitch propeller and the GPS is showing 69.1kt (128 km/h) with the engine bouncing off the 6100rpm rev limiter. With the right prop, maybe a 32in or 34in pitch, we’ll easily see speeds in the mid ‘80s. And at 276kg, this is the heaviest of the three Bullet hulls that I have raced, although the manufacturer rates this as a semi light weight hull."

Yamaha outboards are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers. All Yamaha four-stroke outboards are supported with a full four year manufacturer’s warranty and all two-stroke outboards are backed by a three year warranty (standard conditions apply).



60° - V6
Bore x stroke (mm):

94 x 80.5

Weight with prop:

Transom height:

L 508mm 20in

Oil pan capacity:


Wet sump
Ignition/advance system:

Lighting coil/alternator:

12V – 46A
Gear ratio:



Remote control
Throttle & shift control:

Remote control
Trim & Tilt:

Power Trim and Tilt


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