New drystack facility coming to Kurnell

A new drystack facility in Kurnell will accommodate up to 290 boats and trailers

New drystack facility coming to Kurnell
Dry storage coming to Kurnell

A soon to be opened drystack facility located just five minutes from the water in Sydney’s south-east will will accommodate up to 290 boats – with their trailers.

When opened in September, the fully enclosed 4000m² High n Dry Storage Solutions facility in Clerke Place, Kurnell, will use a racking system to secure boats and trailers, which the developer says has been tested and passed by the strictest of engineering standards. The system will be capable of accommodating boats up to 12m (ground floor only), either with trailers or unattached.

High n dry said berths will start from around 2$ per day for PWCs and will average about $7 per day for a typical six metre craft, including room for the trailer. A basic agreement will require all boats and trailers to be insured. The facility will have 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

High n Dry said it intends to provide additional services on site, including full pre-start boat checks; bait supplies; boat delivery to nominated ramps; full washdowns; engine flushing; and management of fuel and battery requirements.

High n Dry is located at No 1 Clerke Place, Private Kurnell, NSW 2231. Call 1300 232 333 or visit for more information.


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