Stacer and Savage Boats partner with Boss Marine Audio

Bigfish Marine and Outdoor is proud to announce that Telwater will offer two Boss Marine stereos with its Stacer and Savage boats

Stacer and Savage Boats partner with Boss Marine Audio
Stacer and Savage Boats partner with Boss Marine Audio

The Boss MR1400S and Boss MR1600S units, both from Bigfish Marine and Outdoor, are coated in waterproof materials like polypropylene and other polymers to seal out moisture and provide resistance to saltwater corrosion. The units have sealed switches as well as treated stereo surfaces to guard against UV degradation.

Boats that come factory-fitted with either of these two receivers will also be fitted with a pair of 150W, 5.25in 2-way speakers, as well as an aerial.

The MR1400S is supplied with a weatherproof cover while the MR1600 has a drop-down, fully detachable waterproof display, plus a wired LCD remote. Both units are available with a subwoofer output, US and European radio frequencies, 8 X oversampling, 60W four-channel power output, and many more features.

Todd Moore, managing director of Bigfish Marine and Outdoor said: "This is a great partnership. Over the years I’ve had a bit to do with Telwater, they are a great organisation to be involved with. They are in tune with market demands and trends and in turn produce a great product. I have no doubt that Boss will add value to both the Stacer and Savage brands.

"Furthermore this is a great opportunity for Stacer and Savage Dealers to align themselves with a reliable marine audio brand recognised internationally. End users can be a little hesitant when it comes to marine audio, but now retailers can confidently promote and sell knowing the audio product they are recommending stacks up"

Damien Duncan, director of sales and marketing at Telwater, agreed. "We’ve known Todd for many years. It was Todd that introduced Quintrex to Lowrance Electronics 10 years ago," said Dunacn. "We are confident in any product that Todd and Bigfish Marine represent and we look forward to a long a mutually rewarding relationship."

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IMAGE: Todd Moore from Bigfish Marine and Outdoor and Damien Duncan from Telwater.


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