Arvor Boats WA to launch at Mandurah Boat Show

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Arvor Boats has appointed Peter Sim as its new WA distributor

Arvor Boats WA to launch at Mandurah Boat Show
Arvor Boats WA to launch at Mandurah Boat Show

Real estate expert and sailing enthusiast Peter Sim has been appointed as the WA distributor for European-designed Arvor Boats. Peter has a long history in real estate management, and he once completed a full circumnavigation of Australia, together with his wife.

Arvor Boats WA will distribute three Arvor models: the 215AS, 230AS and the 280AS models (these boats are 21ft, 23ft and 28ft long respectively). The layout of these beautifully designed craft allows fishermen to walk right around the boat, for serious gamefishing, while their Cummins diesel engines and shaft drives mean low running costs and less maintenance. Arvor said this is something that cannot be claimed by the majority of fishing craft in this category. Arvor said some of its boats are Australian-made.

Arvor boats also have shallow drafts, making them ideal for use around waterways like the Swan River, or offshore boating.

The Arvor range will be on display at the Mandurah Boat Show, running from October 9 to 11 in Mandurah, WA, at the Mandurah Ocean Marina.

Visit for further information on Arvor Boats.


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