Gemini's industrial-strength RIBs

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Super-tough inflatables from Sirocco Marine can carry more than two tonnes

Gemini's industrial-strength RIBs
Gemini’s industrial-strength RIBs

Gemini rigid inflatable commercial boats have rigid marine-grade plywood floors to handle big payloads. The company makes boats for surf rescue and military service, so you can tell they’re built to take serious punishment, said the company.

Part of the secret in these Gemini boats lies in their Hypalon construction, a synthetic-rubber material developed by Du Pont that’s also used in applications like power-steering hoses and roofing. Hypalon is designed to handle high pressure, extreme weather and even harsh chemicals.

Gemini says its commercial range includes boats from 3.1 to 9 metres, so there are boats nimble enough to ferry gear in congested areas or large enough to carry heavy loads. Lighter than aluminium or fibreglass boats, a Gemini is easily transported to a site, and is easily manoeuvred. Being inflatable, a Gemini can also work in heavy weather and safely come up alongside other vessels or structures, without causing damage.

Gemini said its range is designed and built in South Africa and is made to handle the arduous conditions of the Cape of Good Hope, offshore dive charters, and even the African diamond mines. Gemini boats can be custom-fitted according to individual needs, and they can carry payloads of up to 2.25 tonnes.

Sirocco Marine is the local Gemini agent. Visit or for more information.


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