JetBoarding hits Australia

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New motorised surfing device demonstrated in Botany Bay

JetBoarding hits Australia
JetBoarding hits Australia

Sydney dealer JetBoarder demonstrated "JetBoarding" in Botany Bay yesterday, a new sport the company says combines many disciplines, including surfing, wakeboarding, jetskiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and kitesurfing.

The JetBoard is a lightweight, stand up motorized surfboard that the company says can launch a rider at speeds of up to 65kmh. Riders can "walk on water", turning by carving into water as if they were surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding or snowboarding.

The original JetBoard was known as the Powerski. It was first available in the United States five years ago, and the first new JetBoard hit Australian waters 12 months ago.

"Jet Captain" Chris Kanyaro from JetBoarder says that many trials and tribulations, and an extensive R&D effort, went into the JetBoard, but yesterday’s demonstration in Botany Bay (which had been put off by a day due to the horrendous dust storms) was worth the wait.

"We tell people that if you can ride a bike, you can ride a JetBoard," says Kanyaro. "With close to 100 international patents the JetBoard is an engineering marvel. The engine is the size of a shoebox, but it has the same power as a small car."

The JetBoard uses some unique technologies, including an inflatable seal that prevents water form entering the engine; a unique snorkel design for the air intake; and a power-thruster jetpump. The engine is a 45hp patented, single cylinder, two-stroke 330cc engine and the unit weighs 91kg.

More water trials and further JetBoard testing will be conducted along Sydney’s southern waterways over the coming weeks.

JetBoarder said it had 50 officially recorded JetBoard riders to date in Australia.

For more information contact "Jet Captain" Chris Kanyaro from JetBoarder on 1300 551 691 or visit


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