New Easytow Boat Trailers website

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Easytow’s new website is packed with new features like manuals, specifications, brochures and lots more

New Easytow Boat Trailers website
New Easytow boat trailers website

Easytow Boat Trailers recently launched its new website The site was run from scratch and now effectively runs two branches: one for its ski and wakeboat trailers; and one for the growing Easytow sports and fishboat trailer market.

The site now features dedicated pages that outline all components that go into the Easytow product; information on parts, options, and trailer specifications; and an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section.

Andrew Brown of Easytow said: "As we custom build everything, one hurdle we have to overcome is to be able to effectively communicate the extensive range of trailer designs and options we offer – the new site is a good step in addressing that."

The site features a new "downloads" page where customers can obtain owner’s manuals as well as the latest Easytow brochures. Easytow also said more features will be updated with ongoing new features.

Visit for more information.


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