New lease of life

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Streaker Boats said boat refurbishments at its Repair and Detailing division are a cost-effective alternative to replacing an old boat

New lease of life
New lease of life

Streaker Boats said that boats in need of a tidy-up or some fibreglass repair work can now be professionally and promptly serviced at the company’s specialty boat Repair and Detailing division. The Melbourne-based fibreglass boatbuilder said the new division is for the benefit of all Streaker branded boats, but other makes are also eligible.

"Everyone has seen the makeover style programs on TV," said Leon Savage of Streaker Boats. "The same principals of a garden or home makeover can be applied to a fibreglass boat, and that is exactly how we have approached the establishment of our new division."

"Replacing the trusty family boat with a new model is not always within the budget of everyone. But having a boat refurbished and brought back to "as new" condition may be the next best thing."

Streaker said that a makeover at the Repair and Detailing division can be as simple or as extensive as the need determines, although many boats will benefit from a thorough detail and tidy up, such as a replacement carpet.

Other boats require more extensive work due to damaged hulls, weak transoms, or spongy floor, right through to upholstery and canopy replacements. Streakers said all jobs can be assessed, quoted and professionally undertaken at Streaker, provided the basic structure of a fibreglass boat is sound.

"We have the experienced tradesmen on hand and in-house at Streaker to do this quality kind of work," said Savage. "With some older style boats we have seen great results where owners have added modern fibreglass seat boxes, livebait tanks and fresh upholstery."

Streaker Boats is a leading Melbourne marine manufacturer and an authorised Quintrex, Streaker and Larson dealer, as well as Yamaha outboards and Wave Runners. The company is one of the few Yamaha Platinum dealers in Australia.


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