Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show

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Early reports hail the show as successful despite some inclement weather

Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show
Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show

Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show director Peter Woods said he was very pleased with the response from exhibitors at last weekend’s event, describing it as "a turning point."

Despite a drop in projected attendance, which he attributed to patchy weather, Woods said it was very encouraging to see the industry finally enjoying a resurgence. He said it was especially encouraging to see such a positive response, following teh industry's economic concerns at the time of last year’s show.

"The show was a turning point. Everyone we spoke to was very positive," he said.

Woods pointed to the number of boats sold by the likes of Theodore Marine, and comments from dealers like Estuary Marine, which said it would book more space for next year’s show. One dealer, Mandurah Boat Auctions, said it sold 11 boats (including all floor displays) as a direct result of the show.

"There was positive vibe to the show," said Woods. "A lot of buyers were testing on the water. All the outboard suppliers we spoke to had a fantastic show.

"The industry is back," he added

A detailed report on the show is forthcoming, as is extensive coverage in the next issue of TrailerBoat. For now, check out the picture gallery if you were unlucky enough to miss out.

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