Cruise Craft up-guns Explorer 685

New up-rated Explorer 685 models pack up to 300hp

Cruise Craft up-guns Explorer 685
Cruise Craft up-guns Explorer 685

Boaters wishing to take advantage of maxi-horsepower outboards can now fit these high-output engines onto a Cruise Craft Explorer 685 fishing machine.

The top power rating for this model has been lifted to 300hp from a previous maximum of 270hp, following re-engineering and construction work. These changes apply to all new Cruise Craft Explorer 685 models manufactured after October 1, 2009, and do not apply retrospectively.

Cruise Craft said the development plan involved exhaustive technical and practical testing to ensure that the vessel not only passed the stringent requirements for CE Certification, but also passed rigorous on-water testing.

The new rating allows engines such as the Yamaha F300 four-stroke V8, Mercury Verado 300, Suzuki DF300 and Evinrude E300 to be fitted as single engine installations. Boaters who head way offshore and like the security of twin engines can also up-spec dual engines, up to twin 150hp.

According to Nathan Nichols of Cruise Craft, re-rating the top of the line Explorer model is a direct result of customer feedback.

"Our dealers were telling us that many customers had requested the big 300hp outboards on their new Explorer 865," said Nichols.

"These are people who want to have big power to run fast over long distances, but they also appreciate the economy of running a big engine at easy revs for greater fuel efficiency," he said.

"We looked at the engineering implications involved with fitting a more powerful and slightly heavier engine and decided that it was worthwhile to make the change."

Cruise Craft said all new Cruise Craft Explorer 685 boats will benefit from the re-engineering and new construction process as part of the standard build. Cruise Craft added that there has been no cost increase for the upgrade.

Cruise Craft’s Outsider 685 model will remain as a hull rated to 270hp. Unfortunately, existing Explorer 685 models cannot be upgraded as a retrofit. A revised VIN plate cannot be issued due to the engineering changes that have now been incorporated in the construction process.

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