Force Boats dominate at Grafton

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Force Boats teams clean up at Grafton ’09 and set a new record in the F2 class

Force Boats dominate at Grafton
Force Boats dominate at Grafton

Force Boats equipped teams had a particularly successful weekend at the Grafton Bridge to Bridge ski race classic, winning three events out of a total of nine top-three finishes.

Force Boats dominated the Formula 2 event, with the Tuff E Nuff team taking the top spot and smashing the F2 record by no less than six minutes. Fellow Force teams Ultimate Force and Gale Force came second and third respectively.

Other first places included F19x Alien Force in the SMOC Outboard class, and Force F21 Shot Gun in the Under 16 Girls class.

In the Superclass event, the Hellrazor and Merc Force teams finished second and third; Brute Force finished second in the Stock Inboard Expert event; and the Force F21 powered Pop & Me team came second in the Under 16 Boys.

The 108km Grafton Bridge to Bridge race is widely thought to be one of the toughest in Australia, according to Ski Racing Australia, with boats said to attain speeds in excess of 115mph (185kmh).

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