From the US: the Python WaterCar amphibious vehicle

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This sporty amphibious craft is claimed to be the fastest in the world

From the US: the Python WaterCar amphibious vehicle
From the US: the Python WaterCar amphibious vehicle

The Python amphibious vehicle is billed by its US-based manufacturer WaterCar as the "world’s fastest amphibious vehicle" with a claimed top speed on the water of 96kmh.

The hand-built vehicle is powered by a Dominator jet-drive and the user’s choice of a Corvette engine. On land, it is said to be capable of hitting 0-60mph (0-96kmh) in 4.5 seconds flat.

The design comes from WaterCar founder Dave March, a car collision repairer, who began to work on a high-performance car that could also drive on water after he noticed during the ‘90s that cars and boats shared many design similarities.

WaterCar says the Python's hand-built manufacture allows for extensive customisation. Details like the seat, pedal, and shifter configurations can be specified according to the user’s needs.

Other features include a light-weight marine grade 304 stainless steel structural frame, custom doors designed to prevent water ingress, an interior layout that includes captain chairs and a wraparound bench in the back, a choice of 60,000 exterior colours and 4,000 interior colours/finishes, and much more.

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