New section: Boat Tests

We've uploaded hundreds of boat tests from our archives

New section: Boat Tests
New section: Boat Tests archive

We’ve created a new "Boat Tests"
section on containing hundreds of archived boat tests from TrailerBoat back issues.

These tests are free to view and are written by the most experienced boating writers in Australia. They are sorted according to manufacturer, and can also be searched by keyword. For example, to look at all Haines Hunter boats, simply select the Haines Hunter tab. Alternatively, if you were searching for tinnies fitted Yamaha four-strokes then simply type in "aluminium" and "four-stroke". A search will also show all relevant news stories too.

The new section is continuously updated as we scour through old issues so check back for regular updates if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Naturally, we strongly encourage you to leave feedback, so feel free to comment in the space provided at the end of each test (please note that comments are screened to prevent spamming).


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