4th Annual Barrie Beehag Ski Race runs this weekend

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Teams prepare for one of Australia’s toughest endurance ski races

4th Annual Barrie Beehag Ski Race runs this weekend
4th Annual Barrie Beehag Ski Race runs this weekend

For ski racing enthusiasts, the Murray River between Deep Creek Marina and Torrumbarry Weir is the place to be this weekend, when the 4th Annual Barrie Beehag Ski Race kicks off tomorrow morning.

Mark Cranny of Team Hell fame (Hellbent, Hellrazor) is a strong contender for taking take line honours, having won three successive titles in a row. However, Blazen, which recently won the Berri 110, as well as stablemate Burnin, will undoubtedly provide some fierce competition, as should Echuca boat The Mistress.

The first boat — Hellrazor, towing Peter Proctor and Paul Robertson — is scheduled to leave from the Deep Creek Marina at 10am. Following close behind will be The Mistress with Leo Welch towing skiers Jai and Zac Welch and doing the driving; and Fast Cash, towing Michael Gunther and Chris Taylor. A further 133 boats will follow, all leaving one minute apart.

The teams will then head for Torrumbarry Weir where they will be accounted for (around three and a half hours), and will then be sent back to the Deep Creek Marina.

Boats and crews are travelling from all over Australia to compete across 10 classes. There 27 entries in the Unlimited class, where Hellrazor is the favourite. The 60mph class, with 26 entries, is another popular category.

On the NSW side, friends and family are invited to relax on Deep Creek Marina. Entry is by $2 per person or $5 per family, with food, drinks and activities for the kids available onsite. Half time entertainment will be an on-water display of wakeboarding, air-chairs and barefoot skiing. The Gunbower Lions Club will also provide provide food and refreshments for competitors and spectators at the Torrumbarry Weir turning point.

The Barrie Beehag Ski Race is conducted by the Moama Water Sports Club, in conjunction with Murray Rivers Edge and Deep Creek Marina Hotel.

The 2010 Club Marine Southern 80 runs from February 12 to 14, 2010. Entry forms will be available online at www.southern80.com.au from Friday, November 13. These entries close on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

For further information, visit www.southern80.com.au and follow the links to the BB Ski Race Classic, or phone the Moama Water Sports Club on (03) 5480 6754.


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