Crownline back on track

US boatbuilder resumes production after finding a new buyer

Crownline back on track
Crownline back on track

US boatbuilder Crownline says it has re-hired 100 former employees and resumed production after its assets were sold to a new owner in August.

Financial problems and reduced market demand caused Crownline to halt operations in December 2008, and production in 2009 was mostly small scale.

Crownline said its global dealer network welcomed the resumption of production under new ownership, with a backlog of orders scheduled for production over the next five months.

In recognition of the shipment of the first boats off the line, a celebration was held at the factory in Illinois USA, for the staff and local community. The event included a visit by Asia Pacific Distributor, David Fraser, who was taking delivery of new boats to ship to dealers in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. Fraser noted his appreciation to the dealers in the Asia Pacific region for remaining committed to Crownline, and for their willingness to order new boats for customers and for stock.
CEO Kevin Reim said new owners and a new management team meant Crownline was determined to retain its role as a world class brand.

"We have already built a substantial organisation and reconnected with our dealers and customers. We are well on our way to retaking our place in the market as one of the top three manufacturers." Reim also said that the Cownline hallmarks of exceptional quality and value continue as before.

Crownline said the new owners recognise the reality of soft demand in the USA and Europe. Production has therefore been configured to work successfully at much smaller volumes. The company added that is well positioned to succeed in tough market conditions and retains the capacity to respond when market demand increases.

For more information about Crownline in Australia, contact Vail Imports on (03) 9349 4799.


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