Malibu Boats goes digital

New free iPhone app released for Malibu Boats lovers

Malibu Boats goes digital
Malibu Boats goes digital

Malibu Boats has released an iPhone app that gives users access to watersports news, shared photos, and up-to-the-minute watersports boating videos.

The Malibu Boats iPhone app opens on the "Home" screen (pictured). It automatically displays the latest Malibu Boats news, as well as a list of Malibu Boats micro-news updates with links to images, videos, etc. It also links to the Malibu Boats Twitter feed.

Users can also see updates on Team Malibu athletes, Malibu Boats events, blogs and videos, and links to new photos uploaded to the Malibu Boats Flickr channel. Photos can be sent to Malibu Boats, which could end up on the Malibu Boats blog, a Malibu Flickr gallery, on the Malibu Boats homepage, or even on the monthly e-newsletter.

Other functions include the "Media" screen, for searchable multimedia content like videos and photos, and the "Dealer" screen, for locating stockists or even requesting a value on trade-ins. Best of all, you can literally contact Malibu boats directly. VIP tours at Malibu’s manufacturing plant in Albury, NSW are welcome, so just hit the "Tour Request" button and plan a trip. Google directions to the destination will then be provided.

Visit to download the app.


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