Malibu Boats introduces Response FXi

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New 6.1m cross-over model one of 13 boats in Malibu’s 2009 line

Malibu Boats introduces Response FXi
Malibu Boats introduces Response FXi

The 2009 Response FXi is a new cross-over from Malibu Boats that’s one of 13 models in the Australian 2009 Malibu Boats line.

The Response FXi is a 6.1m direct-drive skiboat with a 2.49m beam. According to Malibu it provides soft flat wakes at almost any line length, and it has more room for the family due to an increased beam and freeboard.

The boat uses Malibu’s Cut Diamond Hull design with a multi-port fuel injected direct-drive engine. It is designed to flatten and soften wakes at any slalom line length while improving handling.

The Response FXi features Malibu’s "Precision Pro Speed Control" function, ballast monitoring and optional "Power Wedge" controls, all customizable through rider preset functions. An Illusion XS tower is also optional, as are G3 or Titan 3 wakeboard towers.

The interior offers a degree of luxury that Malibu says is typically reserved for a Malibu Luxury Sport-V, including tuck and roll style upholstery, multi-textured 38- ounce stain resistant vinyl, and over-stuffed seat cushions.

These boats can comfortably seat 10 people, with lots of storage including a rear locking split-lid hatch, over-sized observer seat-storage, and skilocker. The gelcoat graphics are also completely customizable.

At 6.1m, the Response FXi is easily towed, stored and manoeuvred. It fits into most garages, and its swim step can be removed for smaller spaces.

These boats are priced from $ 65,721.

See your nearest Malibu Boats dealer or visit for more information.

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