Yellowfin Boats make waves

Yellowfin Boats says its offshore centre-console and cabin models have "made waves" amongst customers and in the media since their launch in August this year.

Yellowfin describes its boats as "the toughest additions to the world’s ocean" and says that its new models have experienced great success during this year’s boat show season.

The first people in Australia to own one of the new boats, says Yellowfin, are Mr Adrian Pettifor and Mr Jeff McDonnell, who attended the Darwin Boat Show.

"After researching a range of different brands, we both found Yellowfin boats to be the most impressive, especially being the winning boat of the Darwin Boat show," said Pettifor.

"It’s going to be exciting to get the Yellowfin out onto the water and enjoy some serious offshore fishing in what promises to be a very capable boat," added McDonnell.

Director of sales and marketing Damien Duncan said Yellowfin is a unique brand that is tough enough to handle any offshore fisherman.

"These boats are built tough, with a fully welded selfdraining tread plate-floor and constructed from 4mm and 5mm plate aluminium that gives these models a winning edge," said Duncan.

"Not only are these boats fantastic value for money, they come equipped with all the useful features that offshore fisherman could ever want," he said.

Features include a 135lt plumbed killtank; 65lt livebait tank; plenty of rod storage; and a 250lt fuel tank. Each model is also backed by a three year warranty.

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