Malibu Boats supports wakeboarding pro-am competition

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New VLX Wakesetter is the official towboat for first ever WWA Australia pro-am

Malibu Boats supports wakeboarding pro-am competition
Malibu Boats supports wakeboarding pro-am competition

Malibu Boats recently confirmed its support for the first ever WWA (World Wakeboard Association Australia) pro-am competition later this month at Stoney Park, at Telegraph Point in NSW.

The event organisers said they were ecstatic after a tow deal was confirmed with Malibu boats. Malibu will provide three new 2010 VLX Wakesetters that will tow every division, from the un-weighted under nines to the fully loaded pro men’s and women’s divisions.

The event is the first ever WWA Australian pro-am and is a World Title qualifying event that is expected to attract a flood of Australian and international wakeboarders, said the organisers. Several well known wakeboard champions have already confirmed their attendance, including former APTW champion Dean Smith, Australian and US Pro Tour champion Harley Clifford, men’s I world champion Sam Thomson, and world junior champion Bradley Teunissen.

Red Bull, Jet Pilot, Yamaha Australia, Dragon, Déjà Vu, and Fluidcore have already confirmed their support.

The WWA Australia pro-am runs from January 29-31, 2010, at Stoney Park, 16 Hacks Ferry Rd Telegraph Point, NSW. Additional activities include live bands, FMX demos, wakeboarding expo sites and autograph sessions. Admission for spectators is free. Visit for registration and more information.


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