Perfect match

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Streaker Boats has released a limited edition bowrider package with a colour-matched Yamaha VMAX

Perfect match
Perfect match

Melbourne’s Streaker Boats has released a striking limited-edition bowrider package with a colour-matched Yamaha VMAX outboard.

The boat is a 545 Sirocco Bow Rider, one of the most popular models in the Streaker range, while the engine is a Yamaha VMAX 150. This outboard, says Streaker, has the low weight of a two-stroke, with the power, grunt and low emission/low fuel consumption of a four-stroke.

"Aussie boating families are coming back to Australian built bowriders and we felt it was appropriate to put a particularly appealing package together," said Paul Savage from Streaker Boats.

The Streaker package comprises a limited edition Sirocco bowrider presented in custom VMAX livery. The hull features contrasting white and black gelcoat colours with "powered by VMAX HPDI" decals along the sides. The upholstery has the VMAX logo embroidered into the back of the front seats.

On the dash, Streaker has fitted the latest Yamaha digital instrumentation, including comprehensive engine performance data, as well as fuel flow information. The whole package is rigged in the Streaker factory.

The engine is said to be capable of winding out to 5800rpm with a top end speed of 80 km/h. According to Brett Hampson of Yamaha, the VMAX HPDI engine is an "unheralded performer.

"The VMAX 150 as selected by Streaker for their limited edition Sirocco bow rider is a stunning engine — quiet, fuel efficient and powerful."

The VMAX HPDI stands apart from the competition, according to Yamaha, because of its high-pressure fuel pump that supplies small uniform fuel particles to the fuel-injected system. These particles are injected into the combustion chamber at 700psi for greater atomisation, said to result in cleaner, powerful and more economical combustion.

The Yamaha VMAX HPDI engine also uses an oxygen sensor that adjusts the air/fuel mix, for "the most powerful and efficient combustion in all conditions." This technology improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and improves power and reliability, particularly at low speeds when combustion can typically be at its most inefficient.

Yamaha outboards are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers. All Yamaha four-stroke outboards are supported with a full four-year manufacturer’s warranty, and all two-stroke outboards are backed by a three-year warranty (standard conditions apply).

Streaker Boats are available from Streaker Boats in Melbourne and Terrace Boating at Raymond Terrace (Newcastle NSW). Visit for more information.


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