Poseidon Boats comes to Australia

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14 new models available from one of Europe’s biggest boatbuilders

Poseidon Boats comes to Australia
Poseidon Boats comes to Australia

Aussie boaters can get a taste of the Aegean with Poseidon Boats, a range of European-designed and made boats recently introduced to Australia.

Said to be one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious boatbuilders, Poseidon Boats is offering Australian buyers a range of 14 models, ranging from affordable 4.35m fishing boats to 30m luxury cruisers. "Poseidon now offers you the safety and comfort of European boats at very affordable prices," said the company.

Poseidon Boats was established in Greece in 1980, and all boats are built on-site in Athens. A vertical production process is used during manufacture which covers in-house design, fibreglass materials, carpentry, stainless steel components, upholstery, and assembly. Poseidon said all its boats are CE, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and they boast a five-year hull structural guarantee.

Poseidon also said its decks are selfdraining, and they use an advanced twin-skin. This design safely elevates the boats, said the company, and decreases the risk of sinking, making Poseidon Boats one of the safest brands on the water.

More than 20,000 Poseidon boats are currently in circulation, with dealerships established in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Egypt and now Australia.

In Australia, contact Regal Marine (www.regalmarine.com.au) for further information. Trade queries are welcome.


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