Webster's Twinfisher appoints Pacific Marine

Adelaide dealer rated best in the state by Webster’s Twinfisher

Webster's Twinfisher appoints Pacific Marine
Webster’s Twinfisher appoints Pacific Marine

Webster’s Twinfisher said the proliferation of its brand continues with the appointment of Pacific Marine as its authorised dealer for Adelaide.

The company said Pacific Marine is universally accepted as the strongest and most popular dealer in South Australia, while dealership principal Tim Hearse and dealership manager Paul Lamb said they rated the Webster’s Twinfisher brand as one which fits a unique niche in the market.

"Our market is broadly divided between offshore saltwater boating and inland river boating on the Murray," said Lamb. "There is nothing in between, so the Webster’s Twinfisher has arrived as a top quality and highly durable boat which is well suited to boating off the coast of the South Australian coastline."

Unlike most cat hulls, the Webster’s Twinfisher uses a single outboard instead of a dual installation. The cost savings and performance benefits of the Webster’s configuration are said to be achieved with a uniquely designed hull.

Promoted by Webster’s Twinfisher as "the perfect fishing boat," the Webster’s Twinfisher range covers a range of trailerable aluminium catamarans that includes runabouts, centre-consoles, and bassmaster configurations. There are also some smaller tiller steer models.

The first Webster’s Twinfisher to be ordered and delivered to pacific Marine is a Webster’s Twinfisher 4.9m Runabout. The new model will be a stylish new flat-sided design, manufactured without any pressings in the side sheets that span the gunwale to the chine.

Daniel Schofield, co-director of Webster’s Twinfisher, said Pacific Marine was an ideal partner to represent the brand.

"We look to high calibre, well established dealers to represent our Webster’s Twinfisher brand," said Schofield. "In Adelaide we could not have asked for a better dealership or management team to stock and sell our range," he said.

"Our Webster's Twinfisher boats are a unique craft, both in design and performance. Pacific Marine is totally committed to exceptional customer service. They have gone out of their way to learn about our boats, the construction, features and performance attributes."

Pacific Marine said it will stock good levels of Webster’s Twinfisher, with select models rigged for customer demonstration.

"An aluminium cat hull with a single engine appeals to a select group of discerning boaters," said Paul Lamb.

"The public acceptance of the Webster’s Twinfisher brand over the years has gone from strength to strength. This tells us that there is a strong and ever increasing following for the brand and we are committed to promoting the attributes of this unique boat to the public in South Australia."

Webster’s Twinfisher recently appointed Northside Marine as its Brisbane dealer. Other dealers can be found in Sydney, Melbourne (Inverloch), and Perth.

Visit www.websterstwinfisher.com.au and www.pacificmarine.com.au for more information.


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