New Cruise Craft models nearing completion

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Two new entry-level models added to the Explorer range

New Cruise Craft models nearing completion
New Cruise Craft models nearing completion

Brisbane boatbuilder Cruise Craft Boats says it has two new models nearing completion.

The first new model to go into production for 2010 is the Cruise Craft Explorer 485. The boat is described by the company as "a tidy rig which bears all the hallmark Cruise Craft standards of quality, value for money and superior design."

Also nearing completion is the Explorer 530, featuring a classic rolling offshore-style gunwale line. This boat is said to be quite deceptive in its appearance, and Cruise Craft says it appears to be significantly bigger than its stated 5.3m length.

According to Peter Benston, national sales and marketing manager for Cruise Craft, the two new models are the result of extensive consultation with Cruise Craft dealers, together with customer feedback gained at the national boat shows.

"We have been listening to the market and observing our customers," Benston said.

"Our two new Cruise Craft models are at the entry-level end of the Explorer range. They are to be marketed as excellent value-for-money Cruise Craft packages bearing all the traditional Cruise Craft values of high quality, superior performance and seaworthy handling.

Cruise Craft said its new models are expected to be in production by February 2010.

The full line of Explorers built in 2010 includes the 685, 625, 575, 530 and 485 models.

Cruise Craft is a family-owned, third-generation Australian boat manufacturing business, operating from Brisbane. Cruise Craft boats are distributed exclusively through a network of authorised dealers throughout Australia and selected international markets.

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