Spinal Tap seizes SMOC crown at Nationals

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Mercury OptiMax powers <I>Spinal Tap</I> to first place at 2009/10 Australian Ski Race Titles

Spinal Tap seizes SMOC crown at Nationals
<I>Spinal Tap</I> seizes SMOC crown at Nationals

Spinal Tap has clinched the super-competitive SMOC (Standard Motor Open Cockpit) crown at the 2009/10 Australian Ski Race Titles on Lake Jindabyne, NSW.

Powered by an OptiMax 250 Pro XS, and with Dave Bishop at the wheel, Spinal Tap finished in 30 minutes and 35 seconds.

"We got the jump at the start and the OptiMax basically out accelerated-the field. We were a rope length ahead, about seventy metres, by the first corner and after that it was a matter of holding them off," said Bishop.

"I spent a lot of my time looking over my shoulder and by the end we even eased off a bit, but it was pretty close," he said.

"It was really satisfying because you know you’ve knocked off the best."

Dave shared the title with observer Wayne Duggan and skier Beau Duggan.

The race was 25 minutes plus one lap, on a 7km circuit, with Spinal Tap completing nine laps.

According to Mercury, the OptiMax Pro XS range has the strongest direct-injected engines in the industry. They are designed, according to Mercury, "to blow away the competition with remarkable acceleration and awesome performance."

OptiMax Pro XS engines are loaded with features, including carbon-fibre reeds to control airflow into the crankcase, and dome-shaped pistons that efficiently direct the fuel/air charge to the spark plug.

They also offer a higher WOT range, meaning more propeller options can be fitted.

Second photo: Driver Dave Bishop, skier Beau Duggan, and observer Wayne Duggan, happy to be ahead.

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