2010 WWA Australian Pro Am wrap up

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Thousands see Australia’s best wakeboarders compete across 13 categories

2010 WWA Australian Pro Am wrap up
2010 WWA Australian Pro Am wrap up

Australia’s inaugural wakeboarding Pro Am has been hailed a major success by its organisers, despite bouts of rain that threatened to keep away crowds over the three day event in Stoney Park, in Telegraph Point, NSW.

Event organiser Dalai Liddy said an estimated 2500 to 3000 spectators attended the Australian Title event over the last weekend of January, in which wakeboarders as young as four years of age competed across 13 categories.

Liddy said the Pro Am is the only current Australian Title competition of its kind in which Aussie wakeboarders could qualify for a shot at the 2010 WWA World Titles, which will be held in the United Sates later this year.

Malibu Boats supplied the towboats in the form of several current-model Wakesetter VLX models. They were driven by Scotty Kell from the Black Diamond Wakeboarding School, while judging was provided by Paul Boyd, Mark "Turtle" Macnamara, and former WWA Hall of Fame inductee, Reece Jordan

Liddy added that the event would not have been possible without the generous assistance from all sponsors, of which Red Bull had was the most visible.

"It wouldn’t have been possible to have such an amazing event this weekend if it weren’t for the sponsorship contributions of all of our exhibitors and sponsors for the weekend," said Liddy.

"We hope to make this an annual event from now on and we can only imagine that it will just get bigger and bigger every year," she said.

Visit www.wwaa.com.au for more information.

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