Mercury Racing releases monster engines

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1300hp and 1350hp engines most powerful to date

Mercury Racing releases monster engines
Mercury Racing releases monster engines

Mercury Racing has released its fastest, most powerful engines to date in the form of 1300hp and 1350hp 9lt, twin-turbo, quad-cam V8s that redline at 6500rpm.

"The engines are breath-taking," said Guy Williamson, Mercury’s director of service and quality. "And they have been designed in-house — from block to prop — as the result of Mercury Racing’s 70 years of experience. These are not warmed over truck motors."

Both engines are said to be so powerful that Mercury had to create new sterndrive units, hydraulic transmission, and propellers. Mercury said the new drive package is so strong and efficient that it can cope with 35 per cent more power than Mercury Marine’s No. 6 drive.

With the 1300 and 1350, Mercury Racing’s engineers also managed to incorporate a-pulse tuned exhaust system. This is said to be the first time this has ever been achieved in a four-stroke engine, meaning racers will get instant power across the rev range.

The power difference between the two engines comes down to how they breathe, said Mercury. The 1300 breathes ambient air from the engine room like most sterndrives, while the 1350 breathes cooler, outside air through a direct air induction system that gives it an extra 50hp boost.

The engines have newly designed Zero Effort Digital Control that is said to provide effortless throttling, while a Propulsion Control Module microprocessor provides seamless integration. Mercury Racing’s "smart" technology includes SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift and the Engine Guardian® System, which Mercury said ensures drivers are in complete command.

The designs also feature NiCom®-coated cylinder-bores to improve heat transfer, and an active anode to enhance corrosion resistance to help increase engine lifespan.


Unbelievably, said Mercury, the engines provide 20 to 30 per cent greater fuel economy thanks to their common rail-port injection and four-valve delivery. Of course, reduced fuel burn converts to lower running costs as well.

"The engines have been designed to go faster, be stronger, go further and last longer than any comparable engine," added Guy Williamson. "They tick every box, they are brilliant."

Like all Mercury Racing engines, the new 1300 and 1350 come with a one year racing warranty.

Crankshaft-rated Horsepower

1300 (969 kW) ambient air induction
1350 (1006 kW) direct air

Full Throttle RPM Range


Displacement Liter/CID


Bore (in/mm)


Stroke (in/mm)


Compression Ratio




Alternator (amp/watt)



PCM distributorless

Fuel System

Sequential Fuel Injection

Fuel Requirements

91 posted octane (R+M)/2 (98 RON) international


Mercury Racing dry-sump hydraulic

Drive Unit

Dry-sump M8

Gear Ratio

Application dependent (contact Mercury Racing
for additional information)

Length (in/mm)


Width (in/mm)


Height (in/mm)

29/737 (from crankshaft centerline)

Weight (lbs/kg)


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