New Websters Twinfisher hulls

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Websters Twinfisher hulls now available as either traditional pressed-clinker or contemporary flat-sided

New Websters Twinfisher hulls
New Websters Twinfisher hulls

Websters Twinfisher has announced that its aluminium catamarans from 4.3m to 5.2m are now available as either a traditional pressed-clinker configuration, or with more contemporary flat-sided hulls — and best of all, both choices are available at no additional charge.

"The seed of the idea for the flat-sided hull actually came as a request from our Brisbane dealer, Northside Marine," said Daniel Schofield, co-director of Websters Twinfisher.

"We built a boat for them to display at the Sunshine Coast International Boat Show and it has taken off from there," he said. "The overwhelming feedback from dealers and customers is really strong. Both the clinker and flat-side designs have their fans, it just comes down to a matter of personal choice."

Aluminium boats have for many years been built with clinker-style pressings in the sidesheets. The clinker pressings add sheer strength to the hull, allowing the use of lighter gauge sheet to keep overall weight to an acceptable level.

Websters said that, as new grades in aluminium sheet have become available, and as the finish of Websters Twinfisher aluminium catamarans approaches automotive standards, higher quality flat-sided hulls are now achieved. The classic clinker-sided Websters Twinfisher hulls are made from 2.5mm thick marine grade sheet, while the flat-sided hulls use sheet that is 3.0mm thick.

Websters said the clinker-side appeals to the traditionalists, while the flat-sided hull is a more contemporary, smoother look. The alternative hull options apply to the 4.3m, 4.9m and 5.2m series of hulls, each of which is available in a runabout and centre-console configuration.

Unlike most catamaran hulls, the Webster’s Twinfisher uses a single outboard engine, rather than a dual installation. The cost savings and benefits of the Webster’s configuration are achieved with a uniquely designed hull without compromising performance.

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