Bravo, Mercury

Mercury redesigns Brave Three propellers

Bravo, Mercury
Bravo, Mercury

Mercury said it has redesigned its Bravo Three propeller, so as to provide better acceleration and better holding while weighing less.

The new generation Bravo Three, said Mercury, now boasts a four-blade front prop, replacing the original three-blade. The rear three blade prop remains the same.

"The lower-pitch front propellers in the Bravo Three line-up have been redesigned from top to bottom," said Mercury product manager Dirk Bjornstad. "These changes result in better acceleration across the board with light and heavy loads," he said.

"But the differences are most pronounced on boats with slower acceleration times. We’ve seen up to 8 per cent faster acceleration in heavier applications.

"With the refinements made to the rake profile of the props, and the configuration of the 3/4 blade combination, customers can expect to get on the plane quicker and increase the holding in mid range — the best combination possible for any boater," added Dirk.

Mercury’s new Bravo Three is available in 20, 21 and 22.5 pitch.

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